An open, standards-based, low code/no code platform

It is designed to help large enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journeys & quickly deliver value to customers while minimizing technical debt by reducing their dependency on legacy systems & by optimizing their customer experience.

The digital business platform offers a robust set of capabilities in 3 key areas

Development Layer
Low-code visual development tools to configure, manage applications & portals at scale.
Orchestration Layer
Automate & manage business processes (BPM) & logic.
Integration Layer
Web services APl's to quickly connect & pull data from various systems in minutes including a library of pre-integrated connectors to leading enterprise systems.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with the rapid application development capabilities of Apptium’s digital business platform

About Ul Studio

With visual models, building new enterprise applications is faster than ever. Save time & money by wrapping & incorporating existing code, or accelerate your projects with hundreds of pre-built, reusable components from the Apptium Marketplace.

  • - Rapid UI development & multi-channel delivery
  • - Out-of-the-box responsive widgets, templates & themes with design guidelines
  • - Sketch templates mapped to component library for rapid prototyping
  • - Micro-app library combines highly focused, task-based applications & targeted functionality
  • - Mobile device integrated widgets & multi-device preview
About API Studio

Use an extensive collection of out-of-the-box connectors to simplify integration with third-party databases or applications, handling of complex XML messages, or leverage loT and cognitive services - or use the Apptium API Studio to build your own connectors.

  • - Visual data integration support without code
  • - Choose from a wide variety of pre-built open-source connectors or build your own
  • - Integrate with SOAP web services and REST APls without coding
  • - Enable 2-way integration with automatic API creation for existing business logic
  • - Bind Ul widgets with database, web services, REST, etc. without code
About Orchestration

Perfect for those new to BPM or workflow modeling, the Apptium Orchestration Manager Suite is a simple, web based interface for designing workflows.

  • - Discover, model, secure, and analyze key business process flows
  • - Addresses all business process types-structured, unstructured & hybrid
  • - Guided design experience with reusable assets, drag & drop data transformation capabilities & live views of input/output data
  • - Stateless BMP that can be embedded within a micro-service
  • - Fully integrated decision hub combining machine learning, predictive and adaptive models, NLP & operational insights
About Catalog Management

An enterprise commercial product and technical service catalog solution supporting the full product lifecycle for service agility.

  • - Best practice templates for products, services, orders, workflows & more​
  • - A flexible rules engine for real-time verification of product & service data​
  • - Catalog-driven fulfillment workflow & engine for order automation and accuracy ​
  • - Seamless integration of complex pricing models with third-party pricing & taxation engines ​
  • - Standards-based, third-party integration components for a more sustainable solution
About Resource Modeler

View all business objects, data views, object dependencies & external systems in a single location & easily map external data formats to the entities in your application.

  • - Visualize data type relationships & manage integration settings across environments​
  • - Drag and drop entities, configure attributes & map associations across entities to visually create the required data model​
  • - Everything in one place  - unify content, maintain integrity & collaborate across applications​
  • - Use REST with import and export mappings (supports JSON & XML)​
  • - Eliminate overhead & risk of error with dozens of point-to-point native integrations
About Analytics & Reporting

Enhance digital operations with analytics that aggregate & visualize customer profile data & marketing asset performance for deeper insights.

  • - Connect & visualize your data in minutes with drag & drop interfaces​
  • - Publish dashboards with a few clicks to share on the web & mobile devices​
  • - Gain a single view of the customer with real-time, aggregated customer profile, behavior, interaction & operational data across the organization​
  • - Schedule & subscribe to reports​
  • - Configure real-time alerts for sales team metrics in collaboration with existing tools & tracking thresholds
About Application Management & Deployment

Launch your web application with a secure, reliable PaaS solution that provides autoscaling, development tools, environments, monitoring and more.

  • - Resource allocation - quickly define and adjust how much computing power you need as your digital strategy evolves​
  • - Dependency management - control the order that your applications deploy specific services ​
  • - High performance file storage - Write & access a persistent file system so that you can retain your files even after re-deploying or restarting services​
  • - Automated impact assessment across all application layers​
  • - Rollback with a single-click

Leverage the speed of low-code with the power of custom-code

Accelerate Digital Transformation
Leverage agile delivery to drive digital innovation without disrupting existing operations.
Improve Operational Performance
Improve efficiency, response times, & customer satisfaction through streamlined user experiences & data- driven decision-making.
Manage Legacy Systems
Maintain legacy systems without compromising the customer experience.
Cloud Native & Secure
Scalability & security by design are key tenants of Apptium's digital business platform.

Design fulfilling digital experiences

Digital Transformation
Application of digital capabilities to processes, products & assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk & uncover new monetization opportunities.
Deliver Value
Improve conversion rates, orchestrating, optimizing based on rules & processes. Full service & comprehensive solution focused on delivering a safe & delightful customer experience.
Improve Operational Performance
Improve efficiency, ultimately reducing the cost of service, while improving response times, customer satisfaction & automation, enable faster reporting & decisions empowering your workforce.
Enhance Customer Experience
Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty & advocacy by designing & reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations.
Continuous Improvement
Leverage agile delivery to drive digital innovation without disrupting existing operations. Empower business objectives & rapid business app dev, promotes collaboration & communication, transparency & visibility of processes.
Leverage Out of the Box
Maintain legacy systems while improving with an Orchestration layer to seamlessly cross channels & mix automated systems. Lowering your overall total cost of ownership (TCO).