A range of custom IT services, application sustainment & development support

We specialize in the design & modernization of mobile & web-based software, as well as, database applications following a CMMI Level 3 appraised approach.

A technology partner who understands our customer's business operations, requirements & constraints.

Our focus on understanding the operational context of information systems helps us to fully account for customer needs & anticipated impacts from evolving interfaces, technologies (hardware/software) & security standards.


Support Services

Apptium has honed methods & practices, which can apply to any project - web, data or mobile. These supporting services improve the efficiency and quality of our work & are regularly integrated into our software development lifecycle for custom development and sustainment efforts, but they can also be provided on a standalone basis for our customers.

Systems Integration

Apptium provides system integration solution planning, implementation & support services to help organizations share information, connect people, & respond to changes in today's business world.
Systems integration is included in the scope of most customer implementations on both Apptium's Cloud Commerce Platform & Digital Business Platform. Apptium offers a library of pre-fabricated connectors & an API Studio to accelerate integration with leading omni-commerce & legacy systems (BSS & OSS).
We also support network operations, COTS software implementation, & integration of standalone hardware into existing systems architecture.
The problems & shortcomings of information systems can often be overcome by strategic application of tools to perform specific functions. Apptium takes a technology-agnostic approach to each project we support. The key driver in any systems integration effort should be for new components & functionality to conform to the customer's existing systems & processes.

Quality Control

In addition to our CMMI Level 3 appraised application development processes, Apptium has employed a distinct Quality Control (QC) model which integrates requirements & testing services.
It ensures thorough testing & validation of our code & continuous review & improvement of our quality approach with every project we undertake.
Our commitment to delivering quality products is championed by our QC team, which operates as an independent unit to ensure compliance to industry standards & full adherence to customer requirements.
The QC service includes:
1)  Quality control: Planning testing activities, requirements verification, product validation, & delivery of reports for proof of accuracy & compliance.
2) Testing: Verification & validation of the code delivered against requirements.

Marketplace Onboarding

Apptium is committed to investing in the expansion of the Cloud Commerce Platform ecosystem. We provide hands-on support to ISVs & providers looking to monetize their products through our platform.

Go-to-Market Support

We want the best products across industry verticals available through our platform. To make this happen, Apptium supports key business enablement activities including:
- Facilitating commercial partnership opportunities with distributors, resellers, & system integrators in our ecosystem
- Keeping marketplace onboarding fees to a minimum
- Providing flexible integration options to accommodate providers with offline/manual components in their business models
- Working towards a zero-touch, scalable model to minimize provider overhead/ongoing support costs

Integration & Implementation

Apptium integration & provider onboarding SMEs provide guidance throughout the implementation process by:
- Providing onboarding checklists & best practices to guide the process from product configuration to pricing models and business logic
- Working with providers to understand their business model & APls to jointly design an integration approach that will scale as the business evolves
- Assisting with end-to-end configuration, testing & documentation
- Accelerating go-to-market rollout through in-platform marketing capabilities


Apptium provides full-service website & web rapid application development - from business process analysis to solution implementation and maintenance.

While the Cloud Commerce Platform provides robust out-of-the-box, configuration-driven capabilities, we understand that customers may desire custom front-end experiences to stand out from the competition or to align with other customer-facing systems. Apptium provides white-label marketplace capabilities that can be configured self-service as well omni-commerce design SMEs to collaboratively design & implement a tailored omni-commerce front end integrated with your technology stack.

We create attractive, modern & easy to use interfaces tailored to our customers' requirements. We specialize in the modernization and redesign of aging applications which need to support growing user communities.

Software Development Life Cycle

We apply the experience gained from each project to the next & we look forward to each new challenge we undertake.
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