Trust and Security

Building long term partnerships with organizations across multiple industries around the world that is built on trust.​​


Our Approach to Security​​

Apptium has a comprehensive security and compliance program based on industry best practices. We provide our clients with choice and transparency. This approach enables us to build long term partnerships with organizations across multiple industries and countries around the world that is built on trust.


Apptium Cloud Services provides industry-leading infrastructure, enterprise-grade services, and operational excellence for the Apptium applications in the cloud.  Apptium Cloud Services provides Apptium environments that are provisioned, monitored, and maintained for individual clients.

In addition, Apptium Cloud Services maintains industry-standard security controls which are designed to protect the network infrastructure that supports client cloud environments and data. These standards create and utilize a shared security model that inherits controls up through the stack from Apptium Cloud Services suppliers, through Apptium Cloud Services technology and operations, and shares controls with clients (who are responsible for security controls at the application layer).

Apptium Cloud is responsible for the management, security, and monitoring of our client environments from the infrastructure up through the deployed Apptium Platform and applications. This infrastructure includes the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that support the Apptium Cloud. Apptium Cloud manages these services on behalf of each client, from initial provisioning to final decommissioning.

​Apptium is also responsible for:

  • Establishing security group configurations for secure client access.​
  • Protecting data in transit over the Internet. This is in addition to data security protocols for which clients are responsible.​
  • Providing host-based virus protection services, scans, and signature updates.​
  • Monitoring the security of the infrastructure components in each client​ environment.
  • Managing the security of Apptium Cloud-delivered environments and the Apptium Cloud service management systems.​
  • Ensuring encryption of data-at-rest in Apptium Cloud-delivered environments and Apptium Cloud service management systems.​
  • Providing a dedicated security team that manages compliance, security monitoring, and security event response.​
  • Accommodating requests for client penetration testing and other security reviews, according to the penetration testing policy.

Apptium understands that security remains a primary concern of our customers. All API traffic is restricted to be sent only over HTTPS and is secured with SSL. Network participants’ information is protected by maintaining CCPA, GDPR and SOC2 compliance, a privacy policy and a secure application-hosting environment.